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Spring 2016 news

Dance Art Foundation's second UK tour, The Sissy's Progress, a spectacle of hyperflamboyance by Associate Artist Nando Messias, continues in 2016. We welcome Nando back to our London home, Toynbee Studio, for the tour's final performances.

Breathing Space, our celebrated national dance-in-health programme, takes place this year in local children's hospices in London and the South East, as well as rural projects in the North of England. Some recent Breathing Space films may be viewed online here.

Our new sister creative agency Dance Art Ltd continues to expand its portfolio with recent and upcoming projects by Artistic Director Joe Moran for Giles Deacon, Paul Smith and the Royal College of Art.

Our ongoing Critical Dialgoues projects include the ever-popular Dance Critical Theory Group curated by guest artist Jane Frances Dunlop and our two-year research project Why Everyone Wants What We've Got.

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Image: Arrangement by Joe Moran
Photography: David Edwards